Megabyte IPTV Streaming

HD Internet Streaming of Movies and Live Television!


Megabyte is an addon for Kodi. Once installed, set-up and subscribed to, it enables kodi to recieve live streams of numerous cable and movie channels.

Streambox 2.0 is a custom Android set-top box specifically designed to run our Kodi based media software and Megabyte Addon. In addition to the Megabyte Addon's live TV programming, you'll also gain access to our Internet Entertainment search software. This lets you search and stream any past and present content anywhere in the world. We have technicians dedicated to keeping our media software operational....nobody likes dead links.
Streambox 2.0 also comes with a full version of the Chrom web browser and access the Google Play Stores entire library of apps and game....basically any app or game you can play on your can now enjoy on your TV as well. (our included multi-function remote is great for games)

While we do recommend our Streabox 2.0 to run our software as smoothly as possible...Our Megabyte Streaming Addon will function on any device that is currently running Kodi 17 and above.

Fill out our contact form on our main page. Just let us know you want a Streambox 2.0. One of our reps will contact you in your prefered manner to get your custom Streambox 2.0 set-up and delivered to you as quickly as possible. Or just click the Streambox 2.0 "buy-now" button below and we will configure and ship your kodi box to you!!

Allready have a Kodi device and just want to enjoy Live TV service? All you need to do is click the "Subscribe" button under the Megabyte Addon of your choice and complete your secure transaction through paypal. We will email a link to the addon, easy to follow set-up instructions, and your login credentials to you.

Check your Kodi version. Kodi 17.x- Krypton has support for live TV and a guide built-in. We ensure our Streambox 2.0s are running the latest stable version at all times, but If you're using an earler version on your own device, your options include: upgrading your Kodi version (recommened if possible), choosing a theme with live TV support, or reconfigure your settings.


Single Stream TV

$ 20 per month
  • Subscribe to Megabyte IPTV today. We will email set-up instructions, log-in info and a link to download the addon. This is for a single device.
  • *the original!

Dual Stream TV

$ 30 per month
  • Have more than one device and want to enjoy streaming on both at the same time? Subscribe to this service to enjoy 2 connections at once!
  • *same household

1-Streabox 2.0 with premium remote

$ 220
  • The Streambox 2.0 with our custom Kodi movie software and preloaded Megabyte Addon. Multi-function remote included.
  • *first month included!

2-Streabox 2.0 with premium remote

$ 400
  • Two Streambox 2.0s with our custom Kodi movie software and preloaded Megabyte Addon. Multi-function remote included.
  • *first month included!


Email: Phone: +1 (586) 307-5198